Because we strongly believe that education is an important pillar for the understanding of cultural diversity, during the campaign to raise awareness and promote the new groups of migrants that came in Bucharest we aim to stimulate intercultural dialogue between high school students from these communities and those from the majority of the population.

Therefore, between November 2015 and March 2016 we will organize 8 workshops (in the field of theatre, visual arts, film and photography) which will stimulate the creativity of 160 high school students in Bucharest in the above mentioned areas. Each workshop will consist in 6 meetings designed to encourage among the participants their artistic expression, originality, imagination and openness to new experiences.

Approaching themes such as culture, identity and history of the new groups of migrants which came to Bucharest in the last 20 years, the workshops will promote an environment oriented to the understanding of cultural diversity, acceptance and tolerance and shall contribute to the integration of students from the minority groups within the youngsters of the majority population.

We will provide soon more information on the concept and the program of each workshop.