Eight people, eight stories, eight different chords on an imaginary stave bearing the name of Bucharest. This is the network of the documentary film that will be filmed during the project “The new minorities in Bucharest municipality” and which will showcase the cultural richness of the city where approximately 30.000 people belong to new minorities.

The documentary film will have eight people as protagonists, telling their story on how they settled in Bucharest. They are part of the eight new group minorities identified by the Association “Movement for European Action and Initiative” within the project “The new minorities in Bucharest municipality”. The documentary will last approximately 30 minutes and will be directed by Mihai Grecea.


During post-communism, upon regaining freedom, Bucharest became once again a focal point for people all over the world where they have found interesting opportunities. They represent the new cultural minority contributing to defining the new personality of the city.

Each culture is defined by one language. And each language cuts reality differently. The new minorities perceive, assimilate and enrich Bucharest differently. Sometimes even visionary. This difference exercise is fascinating. Other capitals of the world have been practicing it for a long time now. Bucharest, at its turn, learns to enjoy the diversity and multicultural charm.

The documentary will present us the portrays of a few people in a group of eight nationalities contributing to the new life of the capital. These are portrays renderd in images, but especially in sounds. Aside from the sound produced by their native language, which is otherwise different, colorful and new, each of these people bring with them the sound of the profession or activity they practice in Bucharest.

In the film we will showcase their stories, score by score, and until its end, we will understand their role in the symphony of the city”, says Mihai Grecea, director.

The film will be used as an educational tool for young people. It will be accompanied by a guide addressed to cultural educators, facilitators and workers in the domain of youth, civic education teachers, and will be distributed to educational establishments and the educational and cultural organizations, following to contribute to raising awareness of cultural diversity among young people.

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