Our creative workshops for high schoolers recommence this February, engaging new groups of students setting out to illustrate the cultural diversity of Bucharest by means of theater, film, photography and visual arts.

In partnership with “Traian” Academic High School, “A.D. Xenopol” National High School, “George Coșbuc” Bilingual National High School and the Telecommunications High School of Bucharest, project “The New Minorities of Bucharest” continues its series of creative workshops aimed at 15 to 18-year-old students living in the capital city, pertaining to the majority population or to various minority cultures. The overarching objective is to raise awareness on matters of cultural diversity among the youths of Bucharest.

Employing methods of informal education, trainers will work with groups of 20 high school students, strengthening their grasp on cultural diversity, in the spirit of tolerance. By the end of these workshops, the students will have produced plays, photographs, documentaries, drawings, paintings and installations based on their own experiences of interaction with other cultures.

February marks the beginning of the film and photography classes at the “A.D. Xenopol” National High School, followed in March by two more, also on film and photography. The latter will run in parallel with the theater and visual arts workshops. Each workshop is comprised of 18 hours of activity, divided in three- or six-hour sessions. The students will be working with theater, film, photography or visual art professionals. To register, please send your application to ateliere@maieuropean.ro.

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