The “Sounds of Bucharest” documentary, directed by Mihai Grecea, takes a musical approach to presenting life in Bucharest, as seen through the eyes of eight characters coming from different worlds, and who have chosen Bucharest as their home. Among them, Fanny Chartres, a French translator, and Fan Shuang, baritone at the Children’s Comedy Opera, Chineze citizen.


People simply respect you, the way you are. What I brought to Bucharest – or for Bucharest, rather – is my music. – Fang Shuang, Baritone with the Children’s Comedy Opera.

I discover something new every day. But certainly, I have favorite places, too. Parks, for example. Whenever I get the chance to pass through Ioanid Park, even as a detour, I jump happily on the occasion; it’s a wonderful place that gives me inexplicable jolts of strength and energy that stay with me the entire day. – Fanny Chartres, French Translator.

The documentary, produced by the Movement for Action and European Initiative Association, comes out in March and has screenings scheduled in various cultural and educational spots in Bucharest. Director Mihai Grecea continues his work on the movie, in spite of having been one of the victims in the tragic fire in Colectiv.

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