During April 14-15 of 2016, the Movement for European Action and Initiative Association in partnership with the Bucharest City Hall and ARCUB – the Bucharest Cultural Centre organizes the Cultural Diversity Forum, an event that brings forward the issue of cultural diversity and its influence in the development of society.

The event, organized at ARCUB Gabroveni, brings together experts in culture, migration, international relations, members of national minorities and immigrant communities, representatives of the public sector.
The Forum will include a national conference and a series of workshops on intercultural relations, the influences of foreign cultures on local dynamics, as well as the role of cultural diversity in the development of society. In this context, the event follows three general directions:
 Presenting ways in which national minorities have influenced the development of Romanian culture;
 Raising awareness of the impact of foreign citizens who have moved to Bucharest during the past 25 years;
 Debating current challenges that multi-culturalism in the European Union is facing.
The forum is created as a networking platform for those interested in the role of cultural diversity in the development of the community they are a part of. Participation to the event is free, within the limit of available seats. Register by filling in the online form available on www.newminorities.com/forum, where you can find the full schedule of the event.
The first day includes interdisciplinary presentations held by Romanian and International specialists, who will talk about the following topics: European cultural diversity; Older and newer minorities; The cultural diversity of Bucharest – A re(source) for development.
The second day is dedicated to workshops on the effects of various cultures on the development of the city, as well as the challenges regarding the integration of migrants and refugees. Specialists in the field of integrating migrants and refugees, representatives of migrant communities and of the public sector will debate public policies in the field, the resources helping foreign citizens in their pursuit for integration, as well as the effects of their integration on the wider community.

The Cultural Diversity Forum is part of the “New Minorities of Bucharest” project (www.newminorities.com), implemented by the Movement for European Action and Initiative Association, in partnership with the Telemark Research Institute in Norway.
During this past year, “New Minorities of Bucharest” has been presenting the way in which foreign citizens who have moved to Bucharest starting with 1990 have influenced the multi-culturalism of Bucharest. By analysing cultural particularities, strategies of adaptation and integration in the Romanian society, by visual documentation of their relationship to the city, the life stories presented on www.newminorities.com, and the creative workshops promoting tolerance and intercultural dialogue, the project contributed to the awareness of the presence of new minorities. The Cultural Diversity Forum aims to supplement these pursuits by offering an overview that includes the presentation of new minorities and the importance of national minorities in Romanian society and the challenges regarding the refugee crisis.
The project is funded by a grant offered by Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the Government of Romania, part of the PA17/RO13 programme, Promoting Diversity in Culture and Art within the European Heritage.

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