According to the report of Migration Policy Institute on the basis of the data provided by the Division for Population within the framework of the United Nations, Romania receives fewer citizens than it sends to other countries. Our country is on the 15th place in the world as the migrants’ country of origin and on the 108th place as country of destination.

According to the estimations, in Romania there are 199.000 immigrants, a number which is considerably lower than the number of emigrants: 3.326.000. On the map created by MPI, the immigrants are highlighted with a red colour and the emigrants with a blue colour, which makes Romania one of the “bluest” countries in the world. Our country is surrounded by other “blue” countries:

Bulgaria: 84.000 immigrants … 1.379.000 emigrants

The Republic of Moldova: 392.000 immigrants… 849.000 emigrants

Bosnia and Herzegovina: 23.000 immigrants… 1.525.000 emigrants

Poland: 664.000 immigrants… 3.661.000 emigrants

The “red” countries belong to the Western Europe:

Great Britain: 7.824.000 immigrants… 4.998.000 emigrants

France: 7.439.000 immigrants … 1.842.000 emigrants

Belgium: immigrants … 522.000 emigrants

Germany: 9.845.000 immigrants … 3.981.000 emigrants

The United States are on the 1st place in the world as country of destination, with 45.785.000 foreign citizens who settled here, being followed by Russia, with 11.048.000 foreign citizens. With respect to the countries of origin, India is on the 1st place in the world, with 14.157.000 of citizens who settle in other countries, coming before Mexico, with 13.209.000.

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