The protocol through which the Muslim Community of Romania receives under concession a land where to build a mosque in Bucharest was signed on Tuesday, the 28th of July. The document states that the Muftiat of the Muslim Cult must report the activities related to the construction each trimester.

The Secretary of State Victor Opaschi, from the Secretary of State for Cults and the mufti Muurat Iusuf signed the delivery protocol through which the Muftiat of the Muslim Cult in Romania received under concession for a period of 49 years a land of 11.295 square meters located on 22-30 Expoziţiei Avenue, Sector 1.

According to the protocol, every three months, the Muftiat of the Muslim Cult is obliged to inform the Secretary of State for Cults about the progress of the work and the funding sources.

With respect to funding sources, the mufti Muurat Iusuf stated that most probably the Turkish Government will provide a part of the amount and the other part of the amount will be obtained from donations.

According to the document, the mosque will have the proper building of the place of worship, as well as some annexes representing a place for ritual washing, a parish house, a library and a social support centre.

Respectarea destinaţiei terenului va fi monitorizată de Secretariatului de Stat pentru Culte până la expirarea protocolului, în condiţiile în care “se interzice vânzarea, înstrăinarea sub orice formă, încheierea vreunui pact de opţiune, a unei promisiuni unilaterale sau bilaterale de vânzare a imobilului, constituirea vreunui drept de preemţiune, servituţi, clauze de uzufruct, constituirea oricărei forme de aport al vreunei societăţi comerciale, asociaţii sau fundaţii”.

Complying with the terms agreed upon with respect to the land use will be monitored by the Secretary of State for Cults until the protocol ends, under the circumstances in which “it is forbidden to sell, alienate in any form whatsoever, sign any option pact, unilateral or bilateral promise of selling the property, pre-emptive right”

The Secretary of State Victor Opaschi stated that the land given under concession to the Muftiat of the Muslim Cult in Romania is a normality action that the Government made towards a religious community that is a part of the history and tradition of the Romanian nation.

In my opinion, the debate should have been carried with rational and extremely serious arguments, taking into consideration the fact that we bear in mind the funding principles of modern democracy, as the religious freedom”, said Opaschi.

He added that it is in the best interest of Romanian people that the new mosque “develops a normal religious activity, without proselytism elements, fundamentalist or extremist ideas”

In his turn, the mufti Muurat Iusuf said that this land was a necessity for the Muslim community and last but not least, it was necessary to officiate these religious activities from Bucharest in front of the whole Romanian society and under the auspice of the Muftiat of the Muslim Cult in Romania.

Unfortunately, the good intention of the Muslim community, which was meant to support the religious activities, was misinterpreted”, added Muurat Iusuf.

At the end of May, The Cultural Muslim Muftiat received by a Government decision, the land of over 11.000 square meters for the construction of a large scale mosque in Bucharest, with a capacity of 2.000 people. The land in question is located near Romexpo and its value is estimated at four million Euros. In exchange, the Government required them to start the building works within the next three years.

According to the reports of the Secretary of the State, there are approximately 65.000 Muslims in Romania, out of which 10.000 live in the capital city. The largest mosque in Romania is in Constanţa. For that matter, the majority of the Muslims from our country can be found in Dobrogea.

Source: Mediafax

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