Bianca Bălşan, project coordinator

Bianca is manager and cultural researcher, with a Master’s Degree in marketing research at the Academy of Economic Studies. She has been working in the cultural field in the last four years, being involved in projects of cultural education, management and cultural policies, development of cultural and creative industries and promotion of cultural heritage. Between 2013 and 2015 she was a national expert within the Compendium of Cultural Policies, coordinated by the European Council. She is one of the authors of the Cultural sector strategy for 2014-2020.

Andreea Romeghe, project assistant

Graduate of International Relations and European Studies within the Faculty of Letters, Andreea works since 2011 in the field of project management, acquiring communication, planning, organizational and coordination skills. She wrote and implemented educational and cultural projects from public and private funds together with many organizations: Centre pf Professional Training in Culture, Translucid Association, Spring Association, Movement for European Action and Initiative Association.

Roxana Bucată, communication manager

Roxana Bucată is a journalist with over 10 years experience in mass-media. She graduated from the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences within Bucharest University. At present she collaborates with the Think Outside the Box independent platform, which deals mainly with subjects from the field of environmental protection. Besides being a journalist, Roxana Bucată is involved in communication for cultural projects, as well as the international environmental film festival, Pelicam. She is responsible for communication activities within the project “The new minorities in Bucharest county”.

Ion-Constantin Şolga, legal advisor

Ion-Constantin Şolga is the honorary president of the “Movement for European Action and Initiative” Association and the voluntary legal manager of the project “The new minorities in Bucharest county”. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Public Administration within the National School of Political and Administrative Studies from Bucharest, where he also attended Master courses in the field of European administrative studies, and graduate of the Faculty of law within Nicolae Titulescu University.

Bogdan Iancu, research coordinator

Bogdan Iancu is assistant professor doctor at the Sociology Department of the Faculty of Political Sciences, the National School of Political and Administrative Studies and researcher at the Romanian Peasant Museum from Bucharest. In 2011 he obtained the title of doctor in anthropology and ethnology at Universita degli Studi di Perugia. He is author and editor of specialized volumes such as “Dobrogea. Identităţi şi crize” (coord. Paideia 2009), “La masă cu oamenii Deltei. O cartografiere a practicilor gastronomic” (coordinated with Monica Stroe. Coresi. 2012).

Vintilă Mihăilescu, research coordinator

Vintilă Mihăilescu is university professor doctor and the manager of the Sociology Department of the Faculty of Political Studies, the National School of Political and Administrative Studies. He was visiting professor at many universities and centers of advanced studies from France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Hungary and Bulgaria. His field of expertise includes ethno-psychology, identity and ethnicity, study of communities. From 2005 to 2010 he was manager of the Romanian Peasant Museum. In 2006 was decorated by the President of Romania for the services he brought to Romanian culture.

Christian Sørhaug, research consultant

Christian Sørhaug has a PhD from the University of Oslo, Department of Social Anthropology (2012). He has extensive experience with analyzing social and cultural phenomena: migration, public innovation, welfare technology, voluntary civil society, cultural heritage, migration and indigenous societies. In Telemark Research Institute he is working within the fields of health and welfare, regional development, as well as nature and culture based innovation. Sørhaug has competence in qualitative methods, where he applies various interview techniques, participant observation and ethnography. He works within the academic disciplines of social anthropology, sociology and human geography. He is researching to develop new concepts to analyze social phenomenon in Norway, Europe and Latin America.

Monica Stroe, research coordinator

Monica Stroe has a Master’s degree in Nationalism Studies at Central European University in Budapest and is doctor of sociology since 2012. She gained scholarships and training programs at Goldsmiths College (University of London), University from Perugia (Italy), Universite Libre Bruxelles, Observatoire des Politiques Culturelles Grenoble, University from Trieste (Italy). She has over 6 years experience as a researcher and she is specialized in studies about alimentation, agricultural policies and practices, culture, ethnical relations and consumption.

Alin Savu, research assistant

PhD candidate in Anthropology at SNSPA Bucharest, with a research about homeschooling phenomenon in Bucharest. The research areas studied thoroughly in the present aim urban childhood and education; communities, minorities and material culture; documentary film; memory, social history, nostalgia and post-communism. He participated in different research projects such as “The Social Mapping of Bucharest” (2013, Sociology Department, SNSPA); “(Hi)stories and Reconciling Memories. The German and Romanian Communities of Câlnic” (2011, IICCMER and Universite Libre de Brussels).

Adelita Bădulescu, research assistant, Lebanese community

Adelita Bădulescu graduated from the National School of Political and Administrative Studies, Sociology department. During her years as a student she participated in different projects carried by her faculty or research companies, such as AB Research or Avangarde, where she was field and phone operator, entered questionnaires in databases and transcribed interviews/focus-groups. At present she is attending a Master’s program in Anthropology within the National School of Political and Administrative Studies.

Dana Bergheş, research assistant, Turkish community

Dana Bergheş is music editor at SUB25 magazine since 2012. She has been working for seven years in communication and she collaborated mainly with musicians from the alternative industry, as well as in organizing events. After a short experience in television and advertising, she returned to freelancing. Now she is booking agent and PR for Subcarpaţi, manager at Baraka Terrace, proud owner of a smart fox-terrier and always interested in the people around her.


Ina-Alice Dănilă, research assistant, French community

She graduated the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences, Bucharest University, in 2012. Since then she works in advertising at a digital agency. She is currently attending a Master program in Anthropology at SNSPA, where she enrolled with the desire to learn more about human behaviour, beyond the label of consumers attributed by marketing.

Liviu Dimulescu, research assistant, French community

He graduated the Faculty of Political Sciences, SNSPA, Sociology specialization. Currently he is MA student in Anthropology and soon will attend an Erasmus program in Lyon. During his 4 years of study he worked in different research projects and thus became familiar with various work methods in social sciences, both qualitative and quantitative.

Cezara Gheorghe, research assistant, English community

She is a student at the Master of Visual Studies and Society from SNSPA and has a Bachelor degree in Communication and Public Relations at Bucharest University. Cezara is interested in the field of communication and tries to keep updated with news from the field. She is working for over one year as PR & Marketing Officer within a company that activates in the field of education. She was involved in several international projects (Youth in Action – Erasmus Plus, Global Citizen Development Program – AIESEC). She believes that multicultural experiences which challenge us to get out our comfort zone are means to know each other better and to contribute to a more open society.

Anca – Elena Iordan, research assistant, Chinese community

Anca-Elena is an MA student of Visual Studies and Society from, within the Faculty of Political Sciences of the National School of Political and Administrative Studies. She participated in photographic projects organized by the Photo Club within the Cultural Centre of Students from Bucharest: Vrancea Land, Neamţ Land, Buzăului Mountains, Christmas in Maramureş. In the summer of 2015 she took part in the research team coordinated by professor Vintilă Mihăilescu in Borca commune, Neamţ county.

Corina Niţescu, research assistant, Italian community

Corina’s passion for writing started in 2010. She started to make small film chronicles for, the collective blog which she came to coordinate in time. She attended a photography class at the School of Arts from Bucharest, learning to illustrate her stories. She graduated the Faculty of Journalism within Hyperion University from Bucharest and attended the courses of the Summer School organized by Decât o Revistă. There she learned to write well-structured texts that transmit emotions to her readers.


Ana Cristina Irian, research assistant, Italian community

Cristina is an economist in the first version of her CV and activates in the field of socio-economic development. She graduated Trento and Regensburg Universities (local development) and she activated in over 10 projects financed by the European Commission and other international donors. In the second version of her CV Cristina is a graduate of “Fotopoetica” School from Bucharest and she is attending the Master courses in Visual Studies and Society of SNSPA. She participated to over 20 photography exhibitions organized in Romania and abroad. She contributed also to the documentation and design of two volumes of photography signed by the artist Victor Boldâr. 

Laura Pătru, research assistant, Indian community

Graduate of Anthropology and interested in documentary photography, she got the 1st place in 2013 for “Sociologic Essay”, “Originality Prize” in 2014, as well as the 3rd place within the Annual Student Conference organized by the National School of Political and Administrative Studies. In the field of photography since 2008 she won seven contests and had five exhibitions. As areas of anthropologic interest, themes regarding socialism and post-socialism are her first options.

Jasmina Al-Quisi, research assistant, Indian community

After three years at FJSC, Bucharest University, Jasmina started her career in advertising, in the creation boutique Headvertising. Meanwhile, her passion for visual arts and anthropology brought her to the Master in Visual Studies and Society at SNSPA. Besides the professional experience in communication she has a long history in volunteering in the field of education and ecology. The Jordanian origins and the passion for other cultures were the main reasons for her dedication to this research.

Iulia Gabriela Ştiru, research assistant, Moldavian community

Iulia is a graduate of the University of Bucharest, the Faculty of History, the History of Art specialization. During the faculty years she attended practice and volunteering stages at the Romanian Peasant Museum, at Aman Museum and at Ligia and Pompiliu Macovei Art Collection. At present she is MA student in the 1st year at SNSPA, attending the courses of the Master program of Visual Studies and Society. She applied for this Master because the program is conceived so that it has applicability, the accent laid on the practical part being what attracted her.

Iulia is interested in interior design. She likes to help people feel good in their houses and to make their place a welcoming and comfortable home. Her career in this field is at the beginning.

Elena Gudumac, research assistant, Moldavian community

Elena is attending the Master program of Anthropology from SNSPA and she has a Bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture at USAMVB. The passion for research appeared during her studies and was materialized in the Bachelor thesis theme “Research on the integration of playgrounds in the landscape and the child’s role in landscape development”. She was a volunteer in the campaign “Enjoy the sun and make children smile” organized by “La Roche-Posay Romania” and in the project “Restoration of Central School Gardens” carried out by USAMVB and the Central School of Bucharest.

Ioana Dobrinescu, research assistant, Turkish community

Ioana graduated from the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations within SNSPA. She made a study about the practice of tattoos during communism. She has been working in advertising since she was 19. She had projects on different subjects, from ice-cream to telecom, and was part of teams that developed communication strategies. Her wish to develop more relevant campaigns brought her to attend the courses of the Master of Anthropology, SNSPA. She likes exploring new subjects and she wishes she never stopped learning.


Alexandra Matei, financial manager

Alexandra Matei has a Bachelor degree in economics since 2006 when she graduated from the Faculty of Accounting and Bookkeeping Information Systems within the Academy of Economic Sciences and specialized since 2007 at Master level in Financial-Accounting Audit of Spiru Haret University. She started her professional career in the 3rd year of her studies, leading in time the economic department of several companies that activate in the field of artistic creation and related services. She is also a member of the team of economists within a company of accounting expertise.



Ramona Moglan, procurement expert

Ramona Moglan graduated from the Faculty of Law within the Romanian-American University in 2002 and completed a Master program of public order and national safety elements within A.I. Cuza Police Academy.