vintilaconfVintilă Mihăilescu: New waves of migration started to change the life of Bucharest

According to the 1930 census, the ethnic groups represented 22.39% of the population of Bucharest: in 2011, they represented only 2.36%. In a way, one can say that present-day Bucharest is ten times less multi-ethnic than the interwar one. On the other hand, the massive Romanian emigration prevented us from observing the first waves of migration and, all the more so, to understand its nature. Bucharest is currently a city with an unstable, but increasing number of foreigners, which often represent new ethnic minorities…READ MORE


Cultural Diversity, in Pencils Lines and Brush Strokes

Dana and Cătălina are our trainers for the visual arts workshop in project “New Minorities in Bucharest.” With brushes, pencils and even wire, they give shape to the idea of cultural diversities in the minds of our high schoolers who attend this workshop. After the first weekend, they answered a few of our questions about their interactions with the children, as well as their expectations from the workshops.. READ MORE


Why are(n’t) the citizens of Moldova a minority in Romania?

Moldovan citizens are the third most numerous community in Bucharest coming from third party states. According to General Immigrations Office data, in 2012, 2,098 foreign citizens were Moldovans, the most numerous foreign communities being the Chinese (4,121) and the Turks (3,425). In total, in 2012, 30,941 persons were registered by the General Immigrations Office. Among them, 19,288 came from third party states, while 11,653 came from EU member states or the EEA Area / Swiss Confederacy.. READ MORE

teaser2The protagonists of documentary “Sounds of Bucharest” include a classically trained baritone and a translator

The “Sounds of Bucharest” documentary, directed by Mihai Grecea, takes a musical approach to presenting life in Bucharest, as seen through the eyes of eight characters coming from different worlds, and who have chosen Bucharest as their home. Among them, Fanny Chartres, a French translator, and Fan Shuang, baritone at the Children’s Comedy Opera, Chineze citizen.. READ MORE

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