In 2011 there were already over 12.000 companies with Turkish capital in Romania. For over 20 years, the Turkish entrepreneurs have invested here billions of euro, being interested in all industries with developing potential. The Turkish communities that emerged after 1990 in our country have been particularly interested the business area. The attraction for Romania was not solely related to opening its borders and new favourable investment background, but also to the fact that the Turkish minority has always been appreciated and respected at the political and social levels.

In spite of a history marked by political conflicts, at the community level the Romanians and the Turks have found means to live together and respect and acceptance their cultural differences. It is important to underline that certain cultural elements from Romania (in particular those related to gastronomy) were borrowed from the Turkish communities that have passed over time through different areas of the country.

The Turkish community in Romania has an old and interesting history. Its first documentation comes from the year 1262 and refers to an army of 12.000 members settled in Dobrogea to defend the gates of the Ottoman Empire. Today the biggest communities of Turks are still found in Dobrogea, in the county of Constanţa. Over 30.000 Turks live today on the territory of Romania. They represent one of the biggest minority in Romania and are officially recognized by having a place in the Chamber of Deputies. Moreover, there are schools partially taught in the Turkish in the most populated areas.

TurciaAfter visiting Romania a few times before, after 1989 I saw the change of the system as a business opportunity, so I sold what I owned in Turkey and I came to Bucharest with little money and a pair of jeans. After 1989 wearing a pair of jeans here could make you a fortune” 

Turkish entrepreneur settled in Bucharest.



The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Romania

Address: Calea Dorobanţilor 72, district 1, Bucharest

Turkish Cultural Centre Yunus Emre Bucharest

Address: Vasile Lascar Street No. 96, District 2, Bucharest


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Romania - Turkey

Address: Austrului St. no. 58, district 2, Bucharest

Tuna Foundation

Address: 34 Regina Maria Blvd, Bucharest

The Romanian - Turkish friendship Association

Address: 41 Inginer Ioceanu St., district 2, Bucharest

Lumina (“The Light”) Foundation Educational Institutions

Address: 64b Colentina Road district 2, Bucharest



Address: 281 Şos. Colentina Road, district 2, Bucharest


Address: 247 Mihai Bravu Road, district 3, Bucharest


Address: 19 Şelari St., district 3, Bucharest


Address: Franceză Street no. 46-48, Bucharest


The National Day of Turkey

It is celebrated every year on October 29th, day which marks the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey.

The Turkish Festival

Organized every year in Bucharest by Tuna Foundation, the event promotes mutual understanding and cooperation, as well as the Turkish culture and heritage through attractive and entertaining activities. The people living in Bucharest have thus the opportunity to become acquainted with the Turkish hospitality, folklore, ancient art and traditional handicraft and to taste the goodies of the Turkish cuisine.


The Romanian – Turkish Cultural Ceremony

Organized by the Lumina Foundation, the ceremony is a performance to which hundreds of pupils participate annually, volunteers of the nine schools of the Lumina Educational Institutions, as well as from the artistic clubs. The event presents popular traditional Romanian song and dance ensembles, as well as folkloric songs and dances coming from different regions of Turkey. www.galaculturala.ro