The Lebanese community in Romania started to take shape and grow in particular due to a favourable economic context for businesses in the last 20 years. The 50 years of diplomatic relations between the two states offered Lebanese students the possibility to study in Romanian universities, led to the formation of mixed families and drew investments of millions of euro from companies with Lebanese capital. The majority of Lebanese investments aim for commerce, tourism, agriculture and services.

Liban“I got off the plane, I was heading to town and I said to myself that everything looks a lot like Lebanon. I think that every country has both positive and negative aspects. My mother thought there was food only in Lebanon and that I’ll come here and starve to death. I like the Romanian traditional food, it’s a little fat, though. I’m used to cooking so I learned to make grilled minced meat rolls and sausages.”

Lebanese art director established in Bucharest.


The Embassy of the Lebanese Republic In Romania

Address: 16 Andrei Mureşanu St., district 1, Bucharest



Chez Toni

Address: Smârdan St. no. 27, Bucharest

El Bacha

Address: P-ţa Alba Iulia no. 6, bl. 15, district 3, Bucharest

Al Wady

Address: Vasile Milea Boulevard no. 4, district 6, Bucharest (in the precinct AFI Palace Cotroceni)


Address: Splaiul Unirii no. 162, district 4, Bucharest


National Day

November 22nd – celebration of the liberation in 1943 from the French protectorate, the date when the Christian and Muslim communities have formed allegiance to obtain the country’s independence.