The newest Italian community in Romania (formed after the ‘90s) was built as a result of business growth in our country. Most entrepreneurs are interested in constructions, real estate, trade and energy fields. However, it is important to emphasize the Italians’ interest in Romania for culture and art and their tendency to put their mark on the cuisine, especially in urban areas, where they managed to turn the Italian restaurants into places for true gourmets.

The descendants of old families settled in Romania represent another Italian community very important in demographic terms. They have also managed to properly integrate in the Romanian landscape.

Although after the census of 2011 only 3200 people declared being of Italian origin, it is estimated that the actual number of Italians in Romania is actually tens of thousands. There is no specific geographic area of this community since the Italians spread all over Romania. This phenomenon is strongly influenced by the old and extremely interesting history of Italian communities in Romania.

Centuries ago the socio-economic context in our country brought thousands of Italians interested in the fields of architecture, construction and infrastructure. In the context of starting underground resource exploitation and forestry projects, in the second half of the nineteenth century another wave of Italian workers arrived in Romania. Important to point out is that not only skilled workers from Italy were interested in Romania but also farmers, merchants, scholars and entrepreneurs. Although life in Romania proved to be hostile in some periods, the Italians built many communities in various parts of the country. Some of them chose to return to Italy, others were forced. Those who stayed form a large community represented at political level and very engaged in the social, cultural and economic life of Romania.


„After being abroad more than a generation the Italians are becoming less Italian.” –

Italian entrepreneur established in Bucharest


The Embassy of the Italian Republic in Romania

Address: Henri Coandă Street 9, district 1, Bucharest

„Vito Grasso” Italian Cultural Institute

Address: Aleea Alexandru Street 41, district 1, Bucharest


Italian Chamber of Commerce for Romania

Address: Franceză Street 13, district 3, Bucharest

The Association of Italians of Romania

Address: 19 Lipscani St., district 3, Bucharest (the secondary office from Bucharest)

Popa Tatu St. no. 13, district 1, Bucharest (cultural office Casa d’Italia)

The Italian School Aldo Moro

Address: 52 Vasile Lascar St., district 2, Bucharest

The Italian Church

Address: 28 Nicolae Bălcescu Boulevard, Bucharest



Address: 1-3 Episcopiei St., district 1, Bucharest (in the precinct of Hotel Athenee Palace Hilton)

Telephone: 0754.026.649, 0731.305.777

Cantina Verde

Address: 86-90 Postăvarul St., district 3, Bucharest

Telephone: 0723.211.222

Il Giardino Segreto

Address: Principatele Unite St. no. 38-40, district 4, Bucharest

Telephone: 0761.325.324

Nonna Mia

Address: 20 Sfântul Ştefan St., Bucharest

Telephone: 0728.602.283, 0314.382.647


National Day of Italy

June 2nd, the date of the unification of Italy

The Italian film Festival

This year at the seventh edition, the festival is organized by ICE – the Italian Agency for Exterior Commerce – Bucharest under the patronage of the Italian Embassy in Bucharest, in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture. The Festival is organized annually around the date of June 2nd, the National Day of the Italian Republic. Aside from movie projections, the event promotes authentic products, traditional dishes and cultural activities.