Indian communities in Romania were built in several stages due to various socio-economic contexts that favoured this phenomenon. The ‘90s marked the times when the workers migration from Romania to the West has created the need to import labour from countries with low per capita income. Driven by financial needs, many Indians who came in Romania chose to settle here.

Another part of the Indian community in Romania is represented by young people that came here to complete their studies. Although school fees are more expensive than in their country, many of them believe that the university system in Romania is more efficient and offers more career opportunities.

Corporations present in Romania managed to attract many Indian employees and many of them fill key positions. Their managerial competencies and competitive spirit attract the employers. Indian entrepreneurs have the same qualities and interest in the business environment in Romania.

India“I like Herăstrău, I love all the parks here. I believe Romanians are not aware of what they have. Even in Bucharest they complain about the city although everything is so cheap and people are so warm […]I know things must change but this will happen in time. There is some logic in this chaos. You can go anywhere in Europe and you will not find people who make alcohol in the cellar. Wine perhaps but not vişinată. Stew, homemade food… in India you will not find something like this.”

Indian photographer settled in Bucharest


Embassy of India in Romania

Address: Mihai Eminescu Street 183, district 2, Bucharest




Address: Iancu Căpitanu Street 36, Bucharest



Address: Calea 13 Septembrie Street 127-131, district 5, Bucharest

Phone: 021.410.18.20, 0748.133.300

Kumar’s Agra Palace

Address: Mântuleasa Street 6, Bucharest

Phone: 021.327.25.23, 0764.523.202


Address: Episcopul Radu Street 3, Bucharest

Phone:, 0721.721.640


National days:

August 15th – the Independence Day gained from Britain in 1947;

January 26th – Promulgation of the Constitution of India and its declaration as a Republic in 1950.

The Namaste India Festival

It is held annually since 2010 by the Cultural Centre “Rabindranath Tagore” in partnership with the National Village Museum “Dimitrie Gusti” in Bucharest. The initiative belongs to a group of Romanians who share the passion for India and have thus created a framework to promote and celebrate Indian culture.