Behind the decision of British migrants to settle in Romania was not necessarily the need or the business opportunities. The tourist experience in our country drew their attention on cultural and social differences. The dynamics of things, lifestyle and the rhythm a lot different from the English calm gained over many of them. Those who chose Bucharest declare to be in love not only with the air of an old European city and the cosmopolitan atmosphere that the capital city still has, but also with the night life and the many entertainment options. The English settled in Romania with the aim to follow their international careers appreciate that, although salaries are smaller than those from their native country, prices are equally smaller. Most of them occupy executive positions or lead their own businesses.

The Brits’ idea of community differs from that of other minorities in Romania. The community members cherish pretty much the autonomy principle and don’t make that many efforts to integrate in the host culture. They are also not very interested in being part of a certain group.

Anglia“I am an immigrant. We are all immigrants. And if someone says he/she is an expat, to me it means a lack of solidarity towards people who are in the same position but don’t have any money. I am very proud to say that I am an immigrant.”

British journalist settled in Bucharest.


British Embassy Bucharest

Address: 24 Jules Michelet Street, sector 1, Bucharest

British Council Bucharest

Address: 14 Calea Dorobanţilor, Bucharest


British School of Bucharest

Address: 42 Erou Iancu Nicolae Street, Voluntari, Ilfov county


International British School of Bucharest

Address: 21-25 Agricultori Street, sector 2, Bucharest


Cambridge School of Bucharest

Address: 39 Calea Dorobanţilor, Bucharest

Telephone/Fax: 021.210 2131, 021.210 2138/021. 210 2006



The Barrel

Address: 27 Smârdan Street, Bucharest

Telephone: 0726.412.646


Address: 4A David Emmanuel Street, Bucharest

Telephone: 021.211.3131

Peter’s Kitchen Bistro

Address: 6 Speranţei Street, sector 2, Bucharest

Telephone: 021.312.02.42, 0742.580.686

White Horse

Address: 4A George Călinescu Street, sector 1, Bucharest



National Day of Great Britain

Great Britain does not celebrate the national day like other countries. Only in Northern Ireland (and in the Republic of Ireland) Saint Patrick’s day is an official holiday. All the other national days are normal working days:

  • March 1st – St. David – it is the National day of Wales
  • March 17th – St. Patrick – it is the National day of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
  • April 23rd – St. George – it is the National Day of England
  • November 30th – St. Andrew – it is the National Day of Scotland

The second Saturday of June is celebrated in Great Britain as the official birthday of Her Majesty the Queen.