Le Carrousel Kindergarten Address: Nicolae Velescu Street 6, district 1, Bucharest Phone/Fax: 0745.101.783 E-mail: maternelle@lecarrousel.ro Website: https://www.lecarrousel.ro/ Is an exclusive French teaching kindergarten and has a recreation centre for children.

The French Cultural Union in Romania Address: – Phone/Fax: 0729.813.186 E-mail: ucfr2002@yahoo.co.uk Website: http://ucfro.blogspot.ro/ Cultural organization created to promote French language, culture and civilization. Its activities are carried out in partnership with the representatives of the French state in Romania, developing collaborations with various national and international organizations.

Francophone Foundation Address: – Phone/Fax: 0742.204.402 E-mail: catalina@regard.ro Website: http://regard.ro/ The foundation established in 2003 in Bucharest by members of the French community, publishes and distributes the French magazine “Regard” which appears five times a year and deals with social, cultural and economic topics.

Kyralina French Bookshop Address: George Enescu Street 8, Bucharest Phone/Fax: 031.428.74.36 E-mail: info@kyralina.ro Website: https://www.kyralina.ro/ Opened in 2012 by a young woman from France established in Bucharest, the bookshop promotes French literature in all its forms (classical, modern and contemporary) for both adults and children.

„Sacré Cœur” French Church Address: Cpt. Demetriade Street 3, district 1, Bucharest Phone: 021.319.70.70 Built in 1930, the church was closed during the communist period. It was re-opened in 1991 at the request of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Bucharest and the community addressed to the Embassy of France in Bucharest.

Anna de Noailles French High school Address: Bucureşti-Ploieşti Highway 60A, district 1, Bucharest, 013697 Phone/Fax: 021.312.09.74 E-mail: secretariat.accueil@lyceefrancais.ro Website: http://lyceefrancais.ro/ The high school was founded in 1920 by the French Union in Romania with the purpose of teaching French language.

French and Francophone Association in Bucharest Address: – Phone/Fax: 0748.174.876 E-mail: presidenceafb@gmail.com Website: https://www.bucarestaccueil.com/, https://www.facebook.com/bucarestaccueil/timeline Non-governmental and non-profit association was established in order to facilitate the integration of French who come to Bucharest. Their events are exclusive to its members.

French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romania Address: Calea Floreasca Street 240B, floor 3, 014475, Bucharest Phone/Fax: 021.317.12.84 E-mail: ccifer@ccifer.ro Website: https://www.ccifer.ro/ The Chamber reunites more than 400 member companies, 60% of them being small and medium enterprises. CCIFER brings together big French investors in Romania such as Dacia Renault, Orange, Alcatel, BRD-Groupe Société…

Union of French people abroad– Romania branch Address: Biserica Amzei Street 13-15, district 1, Bucharest Phone/Fax: – E-mail: contact@ufe.ro Website: www.ufe.ro Institution under the aegis of the French Embassy in Bucharest.

French Institute in Bucharest Address: Dacia Avenue 77, Bucharest Phone/Fax: 037.412.52.00 E-mail: accueil@institutfrancais.ro Website: https://www.institutfrancais.ro/ The institution has two main missions: teaching French and promoting French culture and artistic creation in cooperation with Romanian partners in the cultural field.

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